Hello. I am Ellaeenah, an ‘Empowered Life’ Coach, Spiritual Counsellor & Mentor. I offer myself as a catalyst for an Empowered Life through emotional support and mental clarity, to help you discover your Inner Anchor of Strength. I am a writer, teacher, speaker, and I work with individuals, groups, and educational and corporate organisations. I am a health facilitator, and a Bach flower practitioner.

My intent is to offer myself in service to all in order to aid in their growth and understanding of self and others. Connection with self, and communication with others form the foundation of a happy life, and a strong work place. It is towards this that all my activities are trained. 

You can connect with me on my FaceBook Page Ellaeenah Niloufer D, follow me on Ellaeenah Niloufer (Facebook), and also follow me on Instagram. My YouTube Channel is Ellaeenah JadeFire where you can hear meditations and channellings. My website is http://www.jadefirelight.com