Hi Ell,
Thank you so much for your musings I just love starting my day after reading your musing first thing in the morning.it is like attending your channelling which we were missing so much.it gives me thought for the day to think and ponder over it. Thank you, love,

Kaushal Sanghi

Mumbai, India


Ellaeenah has been a beautiful trigger in my journey. My spiritual deepening began in 2000 and I spontaneously started receiving intuitive input from within. And  then  at some point i read a channelled book, and somehow knew immediately it is what i was being prepared to do – but had NO idea as to how. But the universe must’ve had its own plans, for  soon  I met Ellaeenah  and her channelling group. That meeting was fortuitous and led to a great unravelling –El and her energies –  helped all that was within to be channelled outwards as a strong flow.   She proved to be a important  catalyst enabling me to go forth into the world with  my own spiritual work.  I gained much ‘gyan’ from her channellings  –  and her belief in me. I consider El a divine gift  that enabled me towards better fulfilling my destiny.

Divyaa Kummar

Mumbai, India


My introduction to Ellaeenah JadeFire was her series on the Chakras. I am a person who has been involved in Spirit all  my life. However, the clarity and the depth of each Chakra and how to incorporate Hermetic Laws. Outstanding! I continue to share her youtube channel and knowledge with those asking the right question. Ellaeenah JadeFire has brought clarity and wisdom with her many videos and help many. I support Ellaeenah by marketing our conversation via my website.

Thank you for this opportunity for me to share how special Ellaeenah is and to encourage here to continue on her path…she is truly special.

Natalie J Evans


SHC (Save Harris County). Org

Phoenix AZ USA


I decided to approach Ellaeenah after enjoying her YouTube meditations for many years. I was struggling with my inner child work. Her inner child meditation was useful for me. Initially, I didn’t really understand how she works or what healing could be. My first phone session with her was an experience that I cannot describe in words. I felt understood, soothed, and hopeful is possibly the nearest. Her emphatic professional manner touched my heart. Importantly, for me as a psychiatrist, a scientific suspicious person, I was amazed with how seriously and practically she understood what was needed for me. I negotiated my hurdles quickly with her guidance. As she said on Facebook, Ellaeenah actually is a  catalyst for an empowered life through emotional support and mental clarity. She is special in that she respects my own ways of understanding rather than insisting on a different way of being for me. I would recommend her services to anyone in exactly the way she states. I am privileged and honoured to have known you. Thanks.

–Dr Devina Singh, Sydney.


Whenever I have come with some query which seems difficult, meeting up with you has always been an eye opener, removing a layer of not knowingness so to speak & opening up a pathway where there seemed a dead end before. Tremendous positivity & loving warmth envelopes one in calming embrace so one leaves feeling safer & stronger.

Thanks a ton Ell

Kiran More

Mumbai, India


El is a lovely person who has this unique ability to tune into your energy and pick up the vibrations from the universe for you. She does not believe in predictions but could accurately give indications of what to take care of and how things may unfold in future. It is a not a prediction because things depend on the choices we make. She is an amazing speaker and can articulate her thoughts and ideas very well to put light on her concepts. She feels for you, and can coach you by giving practical ideas on improving life situations. She is a gem of a person who has deep knowledge on esoteric matter. Highly recommend her to all.

Reena Singh

Mumbai, India