I decided to approach Ellaeenah after enjoying her YouTube meditations for many years. I was struggling with my inner child work. Her inner child meditation was useful for me. Initially, I didn’t really understand how she works or what healing could be. My first phone session with her was an experience that I cannot describe in words. I felt understood, soothed, and hopeful is possibly the nearest. Her emphatic professional manner touched my heart. Importantly, for me as a psychiatrist, a scientific suspicious person, I was amazed with how seriously and practically she understood what was needed for me. I negotiated my hurdles quickly with her guidance. As she said on Facebook, Ellaeenah actually is a  catalyst for an empowered life through emotional support and mental clarity. She is special in that she respects my own ways of understanding rather than insisting on a different way of being for me. I would recommend her services to anyone in exactly the way she states. I am privileged and honoured to have known you. Thanks.
–Dr Devina Singh, Sydney.