Ellaeenah has been a beautiful trigger in my journey. My spiritual deepening began in 2000 and I spontaneously started receiving intuitive input from within. And  then  at some point i read a channelled book, and somehow knew immediately it is what i was being prepared to do – but had NO idea as to how. But the universe must’ve had its own plans, for  soon  I met Ellaeenah  and her channelling group. That meeting was fortuitous and led to a great unravelling –El and her energies –  helped all that was within to be channelled outwards as a strong flow.   She proved to be a important  catalyst enabling me to go forth into the world with  my own spiritual work.  I gained much ‘gyan’ from her channellings  –  and her belief in me. I consider El a divine gift  that enabled me towards better fulfilling my destiny.


Divyaa Kummar

Mumbai, India