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The Goddess Speaks


In you I live
In you I breathe
Your actions make me stronger
My power is yours
My love is too
Through you my life is longer
If I should die
So shall you
Your destiny intertwined with mine
When I prosper
Your light does glow
My radiant heart is thine
You worship me
Your reverence true
Your adoration my strongest weapon
My trident fierce
My mace be strong
'Tis with you that I dwell in heaven
You the lotus purity
You the conch shell song
Through you joyous Creation flowers
We are time
And timelessness
The glory of ALL is ours. 




The God Within 

In doing this, they wished us to see that Christ and Buddha and Krishna are not unattainable goals, but the very core of our essential natures.


You may have often heard the terms ‘Christ Consciousness’, ‘Buddhic Consciousness’ and ‘Krishna Consciousness’. What do these terms mean? Are they comparing you to these three glorious beings of light? Yes, they are. Are they signifying that their glory is unattainable by ‘mere mortals’ such as you and I? Not at all. In fact, just the contrary.

We are all aware that consciousness means a deep, intrinsic awareness and knowingness. But the words Christ, Buddha and Krishna shall personify different Divine virtues for each of us. One might think of Buddha as Divine Wisdom, whereas another might believe it is Divine liberation from pain. The energies of these names are so vast that there is no virtue that they do not embody, thus any debate upon this is futile. What is important, then, is our belief. Our resonance with each of these names. With each of these Divine Beings.

Why don’t you take a few moments here to ask yourself which Divine virtue you identify with each? Don’t think too much. Speak the name softly to yourself, and listen to the first word that springs up. Go with this. This is the answer of your pure consciousness. Continue reading “The God Within “

Peace Descend Upon You



Peace descend upon you, my hurting soul,

From the realms of heaven above,

Weep not, want not, live again,

Look! All around is Love.


Look not for what has passed, search not in vain,

Rest in peace in His love, and become Whole again.


When you stem the tears, let go the fears.

You shall have what you seek,

The Light shall shine with Grace Divine,

Your eyes shall see the Peak.


What you wish for is here at hand.

There truly is a promised land,

Hold His hand and travel sure,

And before long you shall see the Door


These promises aren’t empty, the words are not in vain,

With Hope and Faith within you, begin the search again.


The Peace that was promised by the Star,

You shall find here, not very far.

Still your heart that beats in doubt,

All is In, nothing lies out.


He is yours, and you are His,

After the storm, only bliss.

So weep not, want not. Why the pain?

All is gentle in His domain.


He is yours, and you are His

The signs so clear, you cannot miss.

This is a tryst, a sacred pledge,

God resides in you – Come, leap beyond the edge.


The Walls We Build

For over three decades of my life, I believed that shutting others out was the best way to save myself from hurt and pain. But, sadly, this was not true at all. The higher my walls grew, the lonelier I felt; the lonelier I felt, higher still went my walls. I believed that I was keeping the hurtful people out. What I did not see then was that I was not shutting others out, I was shutting myself in.


Our society is a strange one. It looks upon vulnerability as weakness, emotional expression is considered embarrassing, and display of love is often frowned upon. On the other hand, stoic behaviour, tight-lipped suppression of feeling, and cold, clinical logic is lauded as strength. Is  it any wonder, then, that emotional walls are silently passed on from parent to child, resulting in loneliness, unfulfilling relationships, and distinct lack of hope?

Have you met someone whose walls are so high that emotions cannot go beyond those high barricades? Are you one of them? Yes, I was.

For over three decades of my life, I believed that shutting others out was the best way to save myself from hurt and pain. But, sadly, this was not true at all. The higher my walls grew, the lonelier I felt; the lonelier I felt, higher still went my walls. I believed that I was keeping the hurtful people out. What I did not see then was that I was not shutting others out, I was shutting myself in.

And that is exactly what walls do. They create a self-inflicted prison in which there is no love. The walls push out those who reach out to us in love.The walls push and push and push, till one day the attempt to reach out to us is abandoned, leaving us feeling forlorn and bereft, but in a strange way victorious that our belief that ‘love does not last’ is indeed true. This lack of love finds its roots in a complete absence of self-love, which often deepens into a loathing for self. The prison is complete. Continue reading “The Walls We Build”

Friends That Part

Let us recognise the roles they have played in our lives, and for a moment let us think of them with the love we once shared.

O.Henry said, ‘No friend is an accident.’


When I look back upon my life, I see the deep truth of this statement. There have been friends who have been with me since early childhood, and whose love still strengthens me when I need it the most. There are friends who have been with me for just a few years, and I cannot imagine what life was without them. There are friends whose loyalty and integrity have taught me invaluable life lessons. There are friends who have smiled at me when behind my back they stabbed. There are friends who have raised me up, and helped me fly. There are friends who have tried hard to drag me down. There have been friends who have taken, and friends who have given. There have been friends who chose to leave, and friends I chose not to stay with. 

I am sure that you can recall friends who match the friends I have described above. And just as I feel, I’m sure that both good and bad feelings come up when you recall them. The good feelings we tend with care, but for the bad feelings there is a tendency to blame the other. It is these feelings that I choose to address today. Continue reading “Friends That Part”

A Mother Silently Speaks To Her Daughter

A sad and troubled mother came to consult me today. This is written as a tribute to her, and to all of us mothers who love our troubled teenagers, no matter what.



It’s so hard to love you

When you constantly push me away

I long to enter

But out is where I must stay

It’s so hard to love you

The way I know you want to be loved

……If only you would open your heart.


I know I have erred

And made mistakes you can’t forget

I know I have failed

Even when I really tried my best

You are a teenager and oh! so cruel

I am the adult

But, why, so often, do I feel a fool?


Let me hold you

Like I did when you were born

Let me wipe away tears

That lie unshed within your proud heart

Let me take a few steps

To close the distance that sears me

Oh! My baby, let me again be ‘Mommy’


In your eyes I see

The anger that once had blazed in mine

You hurt me, yes,

But I know how deeply you hurt inside

I know you love me

That, I am certain, will never die

For we share the beat of one breathing heart


Who else can you turn to

When you need to scream in rage?

Who else can you beat up

When the world seems a cold and empty stage?

Whose love can be so strong

To contain the depth of your confused pain

And transform it back to love again?


Yes, it hurts to be your mother

And, yes, often have you made me cry

But I would never be anything else, my beloved,

For you are my life, my pride, my joy

And if in these tumultuous years

I can be there for you

As my mother was then for me

I will ever be grateful to God above

For the lessons you have taught to me


I have learnt that though painful

Motherhood is hard to best

Its victory lies in surrender

In acceptance it triumphs the rest

As you grow, my daughter,

I grow too……

This legacy of the Joy of Life

One day I will gift to you


And when you are a Mother,

My beautiful daughter,

Remember these words with care……

Love your children for who they are

(Yes, even when they shout and stare!)

And one day, when your hair turns grey

They will be your staff along the way.




Your Beliefs And You

2012-03-12 07.19.22 copy

Yes, it is disconcerting to read that everything you judge others capable of, is what you know you are capable of, in a very, very real sense. Of course, this knowing is not at the conscious level… and you will use every resistance technique there is in the book, to deny this statement. Remember, you create that which you believe in!!! And your ‘creation’ serves to strengthen your belief!

You are what you believe; you are what you think. What a powerful statement this is!! And how easy this can make life.

Do you believe that relationships fulfill? Or do you think they betray, sadden, leave you empty and spent?

Do you think humanity is capable of great good? Or do you believe that man is the perpetrator of heinous crimes and sin?

Do you think that abundance and self-esteem are what you make of it? Or do you believe that money buys you respect and pleasure?

When you read these questions, does it not seem as though you relate to all of them…. the positive ones and the not-so-positive ones? And there’s the clinch!

Which of these do you believe in intellectually? And which reach you at the gut level? That is the defining factor. Many, many, intellectually believe in goodness, and fulfillment, and joy….believing at a very deep and real level that evil abounds, that corruption is the order of the day, and that dishonesty pays at all levels; that, in fact, the world owes you one!

Well, if you do not believe that you are one of the many who hold this view, take a good, long look at your life. It reflects, in a manner that nothing else can, your beliefs. Often we do not wish to acknowledge that we hold negative beliefs about ourselves and others, but it is in this ‘burying your head in the sand’ that you lose out on the opportunities for growth. Continue reading “Your Beliefs And You”

You Are What You Think

What you are looking for depends upon your recurrent thoughts, beliefs and attitudes. If your recurrent thought is one of negation of self or another, then the Universe will again and again make you experience negation by not fulfilling any of your desires. If your recurrent belief is of self-honour and faith in self, then the Universe will again and again make you experience your power and your strength.


If you could change one thing in your life, what would you change?

Do not continue to read till you have your answer!

Well, now that you do have your answer, let me tell you that there is NOTHING that you can change except your thinking!

And now, another question…..

What do you consistently see and experience all around you?

Pause here and answer very honestly. Yes, if you wish, you can make a list of all that you see/experience very, very regularly.

Now don’t be very upset with what I am going to tell you.

You are only seeing what you are looking for! We only see what we are looking for!

Now go back to both your answers, and honestly assess yourself. It is easy to assess another, but equally difficult to turn that ever-judgmental eye inwards. And, yet, that is the only way to make the changes that will make your life more meaningful, more fulfilling.

Let us again read the two significant sentences.

There is nothing that you can change, except your thinking.

You only see what you are looking for.

There is something common in both these statements…You.

Does it disturb you when it’s revealed that you see corruption because you are looking for it; you see dishonesty because you are looking for it; you experience betrayal because you are looking for it; you face failure because you are looking for it? The Universe always gives you what you seek. The unfortunate thing is that we don’t really know what we seek.

We think we are seeking abundance, but what we are looking out for is a perpetuation of lack. How? Either by not being able to spend joyously, or just the reverse. Buying it because it’s out there, and for a brief moment filling the emptiness within. We think we are seeking love and acceptance, but what we are watchfully looking out for is betrayal and rejection. How?  By complete negation and submission of self, or by distancing yourself from others with the help of distrust and suspicion.


I could go on….but only you know what you are looking for, and how, and why.

The Universe gives you a little bit of help in this direction. It shows you what you are really looking for. So, you and I get the relationships we are looking for, the applause we are looking for, the kicks we are looking for, the victories we are seeking, the failures we are strongly inviting. And, no, dear friend, of course this is not a conscious ‘looking’ on your part. Continue reading “You Are What You Think”

Are You Really Power-full?

Power does not lie in how effectively you can control others, either overtly or manipulatively. We all have the ability to make another feel good or bad. True power will know how to make you feel better even as you make another feel good. Demanding the fulfillment of your wishes, at the cost of another’s submissiveness or distress, is the course followed by a tyrant.


Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t….Margaret Thatcher

In the journey from ‘powerlessness’ to ‘powerfullness’, we come across certain traps. These traps make us believe that our journey is complete, the destination has been reached. Though this is far from the truth, its deceptive lustre is often too difficult to resist. Caught in this trap, we begin to believe that our words and actions are assertive and power-filled, when often they are just the reverse. Assertion can exist only when you grow to be what you truly are, not when you are trying to leave behind the burden of what you are not.

Assertion is often confused with aggression, with rebelliousness, with inflexibility, with uncaring willfulness. These are the disguised forms of powerlessness that we willingly believe to be ‘the truth’. Let us make use of an example to understand this simple but evasive truth. An elephant calmly stands his ground, lofty and strong, able to withstand almost any external force. A weaker animal will struggle and fight and dig its heels in, in order to make an attempt to prove its muscle. It is in this that the key lies…the elephant does not sense the need to prove his power.

Let me help you to identify if you are being assertive or only attempting to prove your strength. Do not pay as much attention to your words as to the tonal quality of your voice. Is there defiance or stridency in the way you speak? Is there instant dismissal of another’s needs, truths, beliefs? Is your body feeling closed and tight? Are you breathing fast and shallow? Are there uncontrollable physical tics, jerks, shrugs or other such bodily movements? Well, any or all of these have already given you your answer. Assertion of power makes you feel good, not agitated; results in harmony, not conflict. Continue reading “Are You Really Power-full?”

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