Peace descend upon you, my hurting soul,

From the realms of heaven above,

Weep not, want not, live again,

Look! All around is Love.


Look not for what has passed, search not in vain,

Rest in peace in His love, and become Whole again.


When you stem the tears, let go the fears.

You shall have what you seek,

The Light shall shine with Grace Divine,

Your eyes shall see the Peak.


What you wish for is here at hand.

There truly is a promised land,

Hold His hand and travel sure,

And before long you shall see the Door


These promises aren’t empty, the words are not in vain,

With Hope and Faith within you, begin the search again.


The Peace that was promised by the Star,

You shall find here, not very far.

Still your heart that beats in doubt,

All is In, nothing lies out.


He is yours, and you are His,

After the storm, only bliss.

So weep not, want not. Why the pain?

All is gentle in His domain.


He is yours, and you are His

The signs so clear, you cannot miss.

This is a tryst, a sacred pledge,

God resides in you – Come, leap beyond the edge.