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Yes, it is disconcerting to read that everything you judge others capable of, is what you know you are capable of, in a very, very real sense. Of course, this knowing is not at the conscious level… and you will use every resistance technique there is in the book, to deny this statement. Remember, you create that which you believe in!!! And your ‘creation’ serves to strengthen your belief!

You are what you believe; you are what you think. What a powerful statement this is!! And how easy this can make life.

Do you believe that relationships fulfill? Or do you think they betray, sadden, leave you empty and spent?

Do you think humanity is capable of great good? Or do you believe that man is the perpetrator of heinous crimes and sin?

Do you think that abundance and self-esteem are what you make of it? Or do you believe that money buys you respect and pleasure?

When you read these questions, does it not seem as though you relate to all of them…. the positive ones and the not-so-positive ones? And there’s the clinch!

Which of these do you believe in intellectually? And which reach you at the gut level? That is the defining factor. Many, many, intellectually believe in goodness, and fulfillment, and joy….believing at a very deep and real level that evil abounds, that corruption is the order of the day, and that dishonesty pays at all levels; that, in fact, the world owes you one!

Well, if you do not believe that you are one of the many who hold this view, take a good, long look at your life. It reflects, in a manner that nothing else can, your beliefs. Often we do not wish to acknowledge that we hold negative beliefs about ourselves and others, but it is in this ‘burying your head in the sand’ that you lose out on the opportunities for growth. Continue reading “Your Beliefs And You”