(Please read The Inner Kingdom of Love -Part I before reading this blog)

Erroneous belief systems about God have led many to disbelieve in God. To those who believe that God does not exist, I say, look into your eyes and uncover the God seed within. God can never be eliminated, can never be defeated, can never be rejected. The God Force lies buried under the clutter of self-debasing and self-destructive beliefs, the journey towards the Inner Kingdom revealing its brilliance to us.

The God Force has been called by many names, and has been personified in many (hi)stories. Depending upon what we have heard, and read, our belief systems communicated with the Force in fear or love. Often our relationships with our parents, teachers, and primary care givers also played a defining role in this. The more we heard, the less we connected to the Inner Kingdom, and the more lost we became as we searched outside for a force we considered ourselves incapable of comprehending. Rarely were we taught of our true inner divine nature, as more emphasis was placed upon reiterating our negatives, constantly affirming humanness as a state of sin and entrapment by temptation. Soon, the Inner Kingdom did not even remain a shadow for us, and was forgotten under the heavy burden of guilt, shame and despair. Believing that the God Force lay within our reach, nestled gently in our higher hearts and higher minds, was inconceivable, and the thought that the keys to the Inner Kingdom were entirely at our command seemed almost blasphemous. Thus, negative ego wove web upon web of non-truths that we accepted.

Fortunately many of us have awakened from this drugged slumber, and have determinedly stepped onto the ‘yellow brick road’ towards our Oz – the Inner Kingdom. Spiritualists, for long, have called this process ‘evolution’. Conscious evolution requires constancy and resolve. Though some steps may seem steeper than others, consistent onward movement takes us surely to the source of divine freedom, and the font of divine creativity. Though buried deep under the rubble of conflicts, harsh emotions, fragmented dreams, and broken resolves, the core of the Inner Kingdom is ever pure – unaffected, unadulterated, non-diluted by the experiences of the ego.

Often I have been asked why I am certain of the existence of this Inner Kingdom. When I see the God Nature revealing itself in the unquestionable certainty of dawn, the glorious rising of every full moon, the clockwork rhythms of the changing tides, none of which can be replicated by the intellect of man, I can intuit that there must necessarily be the same unseen God Nature within me, and all that is God Self. When I can hear the innocent delight in a child’s laughter, the gentle soothing in a mother’s song, the uncontainable passion in the lover’s whisper, I know that God Speaks, God Lives, God IS.