Destiny has only two roads to offer to all. The road that you pave with your power, or the road that you stumble along, falling over the debris of your godhood. You are the writer of your destiny, and the indelible ink of your pen is the choices you make.“Surrender is placing God between you and your hardships.”


The truth of the above statement is brilliant in its simplicity. To comprehend it fully, you have to understand your current beliefs, and then be ready, willing and able to change them. The most significant belief that you need to focus your attention on, is your belief that you are less than God. The constant reiteration of your flaws and vulnerabilities forms a belief system which labels you as flawed.Your strengths you take for granted, and when your attention is drawn to these by another, you often undermine their importance by using statements like, “That’s not special in any way.”

Pride in one’s self and one’s achievements is often considered to be ‘blowing of one’s trumpet’. Highlighting your flaws, on the other hand, is accepted as a brave statement of humility. Thinking of self as equal to all the masters, teachers and gurus that you revere seems unthinkable, and comparing yourself to God, positively blasphemous! When you hold such a self-debasing belief system, your inner dialogue is one of shame, blame and guilt. This inner dialogue leads you to resign to the hurdles you face, often with an unvoiced hope that this resignation will please ‘god’ who will then favour you with his abundant blessings. Resignation suggests defeat, a belief that you have failed, an even stronger belief that you do not deserve success.

Resignation brings with it a sense of loss, gnawing worry, and acute impatience. It is not an experience of your Inner Authority, but an utterly helpless call of one who has fallen under the burden of powerlessness. Sitting back and doing nothing because you want a ‘higher power’ to do it all for you, is the escape route of one who is either too lazy to exercise his Inner Power, or one who is so filled with the fear of anticipated failure that he is paralysed by it and unable to take the required action.  Continue reading “Placing God Between You & Your Hardships”