When you hurt me

You love me…

So do it again.

When you pierce my heart

You touch my love…

So do it again

When you scorn my truth

You love me too…

So do it again

When you walk away

You give me your Love…



How many discoveries and inventions has man made? How many frontiers have we conquered? Emotions are the next frontier to be understood and conquered. This does not mean to drug our emotions or suppress them, but to understand them, so that we can direct our emotional energies and intentions to true forgiveness, acceptance and joyous surrender. It is time for us to grow up emotionally, to mature into emotionally ‘complete’ beings.

No magic pill will do it, no wave of a fairy’s wand. The only way to reach that emotional maturity is to recognise Love in all its forms. When there is Inner Fullness, you can experience the Love in the heart of one who hurts you, you can hear the Love in the words that humiliate, and you can respond with Love in the face of scornful rejection.

An unknown but wise author has said, ‘You are as big as the smallest thing that makes you mad’. Our emotions are beacons on our pathway of knowledge and wisdom. They light up for us our own inner ‘lacks’ which make us react to the pain of others in ways that are uncharitable, judgmental and critical at worst, and self-pitying and victimised at best. Yes, every hurtful word spoken to you, each thoughtless action that you bear the brunt of, and all unkind behaviour that you are subjected to, is the manifested pain of one who has not reached his full emotional maturity.

It is Love that brings you the awareness that just as your anger is your unexpressed pain, just as your cruelty is your unacknowledged guilt/shame/hurt/powerlessness, so is this true for all else. Though it is a form of Love that is the most difficult to recognise and acknowledge, hurtful words and painful actions are Love’s loudest clarion call. When you can turn with love-filled eyes and genuine understanding to one who is unkind and inconsiderate, you help the pain to heal so that Love can show its gentler and more favourable aspect. In this you are the true bearer of the Light, illuminating the darkness that lies within another human heart.

Dear friend, as you endeavour to resolve your inner pain, understand that all around you, others are attempting the same. Each one is trying hard to deal with their deep, hurting wounds. The same silent cry of understanding that has often left your lonely heart demands that you offer to another the compassion and love that you so desperately seek. Each compassionate thought comes back to you as Love, each understanding smile returns to your face as a radiant glow, and each forgiving deed brings to you untold gifts from the Divine.

Remember, that which you believe in, shall BE! Study your experiences and you shall recognise your beliefs. When you can see the darkness of your beliefs, acknowledge the lack of emotional maturity that is reflected in your experiences. NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING TO YOU. If this is your belief, you shall experience the Power of the Universe, a Power that can be wielded only by one who is Master. It takes a Master and not a martyr to offer the other cheek; it takes a Master and not a victim to know that the wound inflicted upon another is but a dim reflection of the sores within; it takes a Master to know that ONLY LOVE IS REAL; all else is a reflection of the slave within.

Beloved bleeding heart, if you wish to heal, then you must heal another. If you wish to Love again, you must be large enough to see love all around you; in the most hideous face, in the most merciless form, in the most monstrous visage. Seek it not only in justice and kindness, in beauty and gentleness, in service and sweetness. Love’s needs lies strongest in the angry word, the cruel action, the unkind thought. When you are hurt and wounded, have the courage to smile, to rise up beyond your own pain, to recognise the need of another soul, to say with all Love, ‘Do It Again’.