Emotional strangling is a sure way to destroy the reality of Love.

  • hands-1136697_1920“Sex is more than an act of pleasure, it’s the ability to be able to feel so close to a person, so connected, so comfortable that it’s almost breathtaking to the point you feel you can’t take it. And at this moment you’re a part of them.”…Author Unknown

There is no human being on earth who has not felt the deep need for sex; an act so complete in itself that its truth can stand alone, even without the validation of orgasm. But, in order to attract the Consciousness of Love into your life, you have to create an inner environment that permits beautiful feelings to flow freely within you. These feelings are positive and healing, for they not only embrace you, but flow outwards to encompass others as well. In order to be nurtured by such feelings, you have to heal the emotions of the past that have a stranglehold over your heart. Emotional strangling is a sure way to destroy the reality of Love.

We each view sex as a way to experience the ecstasy of this reality. But what is ecstasy? Is it not the anchoring of the intangibility of Divinity into the tangible orgasm of form? And how is this anchoring made possible? Through emotion. To experience the manifestation of the formless, we must be open to our emotions, for they carry the encoding of change within them.You might consider sex as an act of pleasure or procreation, but on a spiritual level, inspiration and guidance is received in all sexual matters, so that the ultimate purpose of supreme joy is fulfilled. The divine qualities held within you are transferred to the seed during sexual intercourse.

In its highest sense, sex is the most sacred means of communion with another, where the mind, body, spirit and feelings are in complete alignment with Divine Beingness, thus bringing on the ultimate ecstasy of orgasm. When a child is conceived in this space of Unified Consciousness, its Beingness is suffused with the radiance of the Divine Realm from which it emerges.

But not always must sex be for the reason of procreation. As an act of pleasure, free of guilt, shame and power abuse, it clears the feelings, thoughts, and sensations of both partners, thus enabling the White Light to flow uninterruptedly into the emotional and mental bodies. Do you not feel free of emotional burden and filled with inspiration after a joyous physical union? Is your mind not free of confusion and scattered thinking? Do you not feel alive and rejuvenated?

What, then, is this power that sex has? How does it help us to share our divinity? The answer lies in our chakric system. The crown chakras of the partners come into alignment thus opening up areas of respect, support and agreement. This helps the third eye to share personal truths and beliefs without hesitation and fear. The throat chakra, freed of fear and suppression of truth, becomes a sphere of activity and creativity that permits further expansion of the emotional body. The creativity makes the heart chakra flower and blossom into its fullness of love and acceptance, which invites the solar plexus chakra to drop its compulsive need for control and power, which effortlessly change their hues into the lighter and more radiant shades of self-authority and self-responsibility. The sacral chakra feels nurtured, and the warmth of protection and safety takes the place of the cold tightness of self-preservation. This warmth, this release, this wonderment of being, is felt as the root chakra opens itself to the surge of uncontainable orgasm.

We are all aware that energy flows where your attention is. In the joyous aftermath of sex, the attention is upon the divine virtues that make up the persona and psyche of your partner and you. When such is your attention, can you imagine how strong would be the energy of togetherness, of enlightenment?

The sexual energy has the power to heal, to enliven, to unfold bliss. But it can be short- circuited by control issues, past resentments, hurtful memories, and abuse. If sex leaves you feeling inadequate, unfulfilled, exploited, angry, then you must begin the process of inner search that will help you to touch your divine core. Honest, safe and clear communication is the first step. This communication is necessarily with self first, and then with the partner. Unclear intentions, unacknowledged feelings, and unvoiced emotions are the hurdles that lie in the path of open communication.

Yes, emotions take time to heal, but if there is no degree of self-deception, this process is accelerated by the quick relief from negative charge. It is then that sex becomes natural and spontaneous. Sexual exchange must be preceded and followed by emotional sharing so that the expression of both partners can be instinctive and intuitive. The child born of such union holds within its cellular memory, sacred connections between itself and the parents, and between the parents themselves.

So, dear friend, do not push away the joys of your existence due to your fear of feeling. Touching the core of you will unleash for you a power of divinity so strong, that it will leave you gasping at its sheer enormity, and in its flow you will flow towards your magnificence. Tear down the walls that keep you in and your partner out, and let the healing rivers of your soul carry away the decay of the past.

I wish you and your partner everlasting bliss of union.