Sharing, understanding, tolerance, brotherhood are choices available to us, just as greed, selfishness, segregation and discrimination are choices that lie in the path of soul creation.


Have you ever felt that the more I learn, the less I know?

You and I know ourselves through the outer-most dimension of our psyche, our individuality, i.e. our bodies. Our bodies that are made up of matter, have a form and a structure which we are conscious of, and begin to identify ourselves with. This is exactly how it must be, for the matter dimension has the specific function of enabling our experiences. Unless we are completely involved with this aspect of our multi- dimensionality we will not be able to complete our experiences, and will restrict our consciousness. The more complete the experience, the more enriched is the process of soul creation.

In order for the experience to be complete we have to identify completely not only with the form/matter dimension, but with the second dimensional layer as well – the energy that fuels the form. This  energy that lies within the dimension of matter, we call spirit. To be aware of form is to be aware of spirit, for form is incarnated spirit deeply desiring to experience the independence of its being. This independent state can be best observed through our personal thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

Creation is not a complete process for we are all semi-finished gods. Knowing our personalities and attaining know-how to look beyond its deceptive denseness, is a vital step in this creation. This turns old truths upon their heads, as it is evident from this that soul does not control us, but we hold the power of its creation within our hands. We exercise this power through our choices. This brings us to the truth that soul does not exist in any predefined form, nor does it hold any predefined characteristics. The power to determine its strength, its quality, its empowerment, lies within us. Though choices seem many and varied, there is really only one choice that we all make – to create or to destroy. Every choice either leads more actively to the creation of soul, or gives us the opportunity to destroy what we no longer need. Choice becomes even more empowering when viewed from this perspective. Sharing, understanding, tolerance, brotherhood are choices available to us, just as greed, selfishness, segregation and discrimination are merely choices that lie in the path of soul creation.

Soul creation is not about creating ‘standardised’ gods, mirror images of a one monochromatic reality. Soul creation involves the multifarious faces of unanimous consciousness. Form breathes out and gives height and stature; soul breathes in and gives expanse and breadth. Form knows vertical hierarchies; soul recognises horizontal radiation of power. Form functions through exclusivity; soul creates itself through inclusivity of the varied.

Now that you know that your personality holds the key to soul creation, connection with soul need not be a confusing process anymore. For form to connect with soul it merely has to pay attention to what it is creating; view it with the eye of the critique, discern the flaws, smoothen out the bumps and rough edges.

How can this be done? The eye of the critique needs the vision of understanding, the discernment of flaws must be tempered by the compassion of tolerance, and the rough edges need the gentle touch of compassion. These three release a surge of creativity that eddies you into the third dimension of your beingness – Potential…the unexplored, the unknown, the uncreated, IS-NESS that words cannot describe and thoughts cannot contain.

This dimension responds to activation of creativity, the ability to create form through spirit, and soul through form, and is transformative. It revels in the delight of matter, and orgasms with the formlessness of spirit.

In our three dimensions we embrace the universe, in our embrace we experience our godhood, in our godhood we complete the experience of matter.