Orgasm is not the end of a sexual act; it is the beginning of the union of spirit.


“There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life.” – Frederico Fellini

Have you ever felt hopelessness? Defeat? Soul fatigue? If you have, even briefly, then you have experienced loss of spirit essence.

Have you ever felt exhilarated? Raring to go? Surge of thrill? Laughter within? In these moments you have experienced the fullness of your essence.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live each moment with this thrill, this joy, and this exuberance? Of course, your answer is ‘yes’, but you probably also believe that one cannot live life in that state of ‘high’ constantly. I ask you to change this belief instantaneously, so that you pave the way for passion.

Passion is not a gift that is bestowed upon you; it is not a bonus earned by you. Passion is your soul right! When you live without passion, you live without a right that is as basic and vital to your soul as freedom.

In this world of duality rights, often, come at a price. Freedom fighters, through history, have proved this amply. Empires have had to be brought to their knees, dictators had to be felled, and prisons had to be broken down, before the right to freedom was respected by all.

Passion, too, has its battle to fight. The ego-driven personality has to collapse, the tyranny of the constricted mind has to be overcome, and the walls of defences have to be crumbled, before the essence of the soul can be experienced in the throes of passion. Orgasm is not the end of a sexual act; it is the beginning of the union of spirit.

Just as the flint has to experience the hard blow of the hammer before its inner spark can illuminate the darkness, the ego has to be face trials and conflict before it knows that within burns the god- spark. In this knowing, the ego-driven personality experiences the first pangs of deep urgency to touch this god-spark, to feel its thrill, to see its light. This is the first moment of liberation, for in this moment the ego surrenders to the soul and permits it to lead and guide, thus freeing your essence from imprisonment.

Ask yourself these questions today:

When do you feel alive, buoyant, empowered? 
What causes a surge of passion and thrill to run through you? What holds you back from experiencing this thrill at all times?

Your answers show you, without a shadow of doubt, what your essence is all about. Once you have these answers, pursue this with all the strength of your Being, knowing that it is in this direction that your Soul yearns to go.

Do not compromise with yourself. Do not be content to live half a life because you have been conditioned to believe that Life is strife and hard work and toil. Refuse to buy into the belief that JOY is a Utopia that is illusory and fantastic.

Do not fear the hammer that strikes the blow, for it only liberates the god within.

Search for your passion, and do not stop till you have felt the warmth and brilliance of your essence. When the soul is in Passion, the personality lives in fulfillment, harmony, and abundance. Defeat cannot co-exist with the soul, for Spirit conditions the soul to acknowledge and manifest only success and fullness. Find the passion in each day, so that fulfillment is a daily occurrence, and not a rare miracle.