No one has the power to make you smaller or bigger than you are, but you can certainly give them your power to pull your strings with! No one can marginalise you, no one can make you feel ‘significant’, none can steal your authority, none can give you power.



“The most important thing in science is not so much to obtain new facts as to discover new ways of thinking about them.” — Sir William Bragg

We are creatures of habit, of patterns. While initially the habits may have served us, they may now be limiting our ability to experience more of life. What aspect of your life has become routine? With new portals of energy opening almost every day, you are certainly going to face a lot of knocks if you refuse to budge. Stop the past reactionary process, the old thought patterns, the emotional over/under sensitivity that has caused the Christ Consciousness within you to be hidden or inadequately blossom.

Remember, that which we repress is manifested by us on the outside as chaos/conflict/wounding that we either experience directly or through others. Do not allow any opportunity to be wasted. Every reaction, however trivial you may convince yourself it is, is a nudge from the Universe pushing you to acknowledge that which lies repressed deep inside. Thank the person/s, and the situation, instead of being petty and blaming and cribbing and whining. Continue reading “Out Of The Box”