You are always here when I need to talk,

You silently allow me to vent,

And each time my heart has leapt in joy

You’ve known just what it has meant.

You remain silent when I need to talk,

And speak when I need to hear;

You neither overpower nor underwhelm,

Your voice is strong and clear.

We’ve had some stormy times, You and I

Battling and bumbling through,

Often I wanted to throw in the towel,

But you whispered,’ I’m with you.’

You’ve shared my joys, and halved my tears,My triumphs exulted over,

You taught me when I hit a bump in the road,

‘There’s no defeat in failure.’

You closed my ears to, both, praise and blame

My eyes see a clearer “me”

You loved me through my worst dishonour

From shame you set me free.

I AM Divine Power, Wisdom and Love!

I now can joyfully claim.

I bow to you in eternal gratitude—

O, Inner Being that bears my name!