Many confuse looking inward with ‘passivity’. Looking ‘inward’ is not a passive process at all. It is most dynamic. Passivity is a sign of running away from everything; internal as well as external. Looking inward is to turn one’s vision upon one’s own self. Every circumstance, every individual is meant for one purpose and for one purpose alone. To teach you a lesson, to make you recall a truth, to make you take responsibility. When the dynamic process of inward searching is on, then one knows what actions one needs to take, one knows what words one needs to speak, and these actions and these words will not come out of resentment, will not come out of hate, will not come out of anger, but will come out of self-respect and mutual respect for another.

We all have ‘lifelines’ that we cling on to even though our hold over them may be tenuous. Your fears are your lifelines. Your anger is your lifeline, your resentment is your lifeline, your worry and anxiety is your lifeline, your depression and feelings of loneliness is your lifeline. You may wonder how these are your lifelines. They are because you have used them to continue with patterns of conditioned reaction and behaviour.

Nature provides you with two sets of ‘lifelines’. A lifeline of ‘fear’ will always come with a lifeline of ‘courage and will’. A lifeline of ‘anger’ will always come with a lifeline of ‘understanding and love’. A lifeline of ‘depression’ will always come with a lifeline of ‘hope and joy’. But, through generations, as the earth has evolved and as human beings have evolved with it, and as we have come so close to this critical point in our evolution, society has conditioned all to believe that the only lifelines we have are those of fear, anger, loneliness and sorrow.In the process of evolution, man has now come to that point where he has to face fears, pains which seem larger than himself because man moves from ‘NOT I’ to ‘I AM’. I is the soul; the soul is not fearful, the soul is not angry, the soul is not judgmental, the soul is not lonely, the soul is not sorrow, and the soul is not worry. The soul is joy, the soul is love, the soul is peace, and the soul is Light. But you must walk along this path of ‘Not I’ and then find your own path to ‘I AM’.

And as this point comes closer in the circle of evolution (as it has now), fears and angers seem to loom larger than they did in the past. They may take on horrifying proportions not only on a personal front but globally as well. It is at this point of escalation, that some will surrender their physicality and others, stronger, will face this giant ‘Not I’ and maybe with one swift step or maybe several small ones, will overcome the ‘Not I’ and will forever be the ‘I AM’.

When you are inward turned, you choose, moment to moment, very consciously, what you choose to experience. If there is no conscious choice you are akin to a tiny boat being gathered up by the waves of common thought and being tossed around by limiting conditioning. When there is no conscious choice, the unconscious acts as a puppeteer, making you react without conscious self-control. This is passivity. Looking inward helps the soul to regain control of the strings from the hand of the puppeteer. Looking inward transforms the energy of the unconscious mind into the soul-filled power of the conscious mind.

Passivity makes you a victim of circumstance, causing you to believe that you are helpless, that you have no options, that you are running in one spot, that you are powerless in relationships, that you have no ability to make the shifts you desire. The danger lies in the fact that the unconscious leads you to exactly that which you believe is true!

Looking inward helps you to see the conflicts more clearly by shifting your mind from blame to self-responsibility. You transform from victim to initiator. You begin to see that you are not without resources and support structures as you once believed you were, but are far more resourceful and stronger than ever imagined. Out of the illusion of darkness you see a very definite ray of the light of hope. You KNOW that you are Light that can never diminish.