A wise man has said “The sad part of control is that we usually don’t recognise to what extent we are controlling. Other people around us certainly know it! It frequently takes a big confrontation or crisis to find it out for ourselves… unless we are willing to very honestly examine our fears, feelings and behaviors. We all have control issues!”


Why do we need to control, and what/who do we need to control? There is only one reason why we experience this deep need for control – lack of trust. Yes, friend, out of our soul memories of betrayal and deception, arise the fears and anxieties that lead to lack of trust. That is why we find it much easier to trust the one we call God. ‘He’ has not been like ‘others’. ‘He’ has not lied to us, cheated us, tempted us with attractive lures, deceived us, manipulated us, and led us astray. No, in fact, ‘He’ has given us solace, often answered our prayers, forgiven us our ‘sins’, benevolently given us protection and care. Yes, it is easier to trust God!

But, it is not our trust in God, or the lack of it, that results in control issues; it is our trust in people. Can you trust all persons, unreservedly, without even the slightest trace of suspicion? If you cannot, you know that you have a control issue! And the greater the level of your suspicion, the stronger is your issue!! Continue reading “Why Do I Need To Control?”