Shirley Bassey in her inspired song belts out: ‘I am what I am, I am my own special creation….Life ain’t worth a damn, till you can say, “Hey, world, I am what I am!”’

How do you measure your worth?


Self-worth is evident when we realise that we are a unique, beautiful, expression of the Universe. We have a valuable purpose without which this cosmos would be incomplete.

If you judge yourself by your income, your possessions, your flaws, your strengths, your relationships, you are likely to find yourself lacking, as the Universe ensures that you will always find at least one person who is richer, prettier, kinder, cleverer, luckier in love…Why? The answer is profound in its simplicity – the less you can see of your inner worth, the more will the Universe reflect the hidden for you, so that, in the reflection, you can see the value that lies within. But, sadly, we view this reflection as something ‘out there’ that is unattainable, and chase a rainbow that never seems to end in the pot of gold.

Oh, beautiful friend, will you for a brief moment climb out of your self-made valley and stride up a hill with me? See, there in the distance, you are attaining the ‘golden dream’; turn your head but a little and view the passion bathing you. Yes, of course, that is you in the close embrace of unconditional love, and yes, there you are again, more abundant than you could ever conceive. Now, dearest friend, you may, if you wish, climb down again to your valley where this view is hidden from you, or you may stay here and experience the joy of attaining all that you can envision.

Once you climb that Hill of Self-Worth, the world looks different. The valleys and mountains are still present to be crossed over, but from this height they seem to have shrunk in size. The deep rivers have to be swum, but now you can see where the waters are most shallow.

In the Valley of Self-Negation, the world is a dismal place indeed. Here your own shadow strikes fear in you, as you search desperately for any help that you can get from others, because you have nothing to offer yourself. Here the sound of your own voice causes you to jump, because you are so fearful of speaking that which will make you appear ‘ugly’ to another.

Be honoured to be All that you are. If you are poor at relationships, be honoured. If you have failed in business, be honoured. If you have abused power, be honoured. If you have fallen in wealth, be honoured. If you have been a victimiser, be honoured. If you have been a victim, be honoured. Honoured??? I hear you shout. Yes, honoured that you have turned the failure into an opportunity for victory. Only the one who believes he has been defeated loses the battle of life. In reality, there are not defeats, because every failure teaches you what not to do as you move towards personal victory.

Look up, beloved friend. You have not yet lost the battle, for the Sun is shining again, calling the Valiant onto the battle field. Do not give up! Go out there and fight, for today might be the glorious day of victory. Do not be ashamed of the fights you have lost, the mistakes you have made, the learning curves you have roller-coasted along. Regret nothing that you have ever done, or has been done to you. Let your war-cry be heard – I AM WHAT I AM, And I am not ashamed to BE it!!!