Each day as I read the newspapers and watch the news channels, I say a silent prayer: ‘Thank you for familiesAs the world focuses so strongly on terrorism, hatred, bloodshed, violence, and abuse in its myriad forms, thank you, God, for giving us families upon whom we can focus our immense power of love.’

However judgmental we may be, there will be very few, indeed, who will not agree that even a murderer, a terrorist, a rapist, an abuser, has a strong force of love that springs within, for the FAMILY. There is no human so cold whose heart does not dance when the twinkling eyes and gurgling welcome of his baby welcomes him home. A mother’s embrace, a proud father’s pat on the shoulder, a sibling’s merciless and yet so, so loving jest, a partner’s silent avowal of constancy… all of these have the power that can not be wielded by the bomb, the sword, the gun.

Is this how the Universe maintains the tenuous balance between the force of hatred and the power of Love? I wonder, if in its infinite wisdom, the Universe knew that a day would dawn when the world’s attention would be strongly focused on acts that are difficult to comprehend as Divine; and to prepare for just such a day, it created the beautiful structure of a family. Can you imagine how horrid it would be if we had no family to focus our Love upon? How easy it would then be for hatred to tilt the balance in its favour?

Haven’t you wondered how it is possible for the world not only to maintain its balance, but for humanity to evolve so gloriously, even in the face of all that we cringe from? Could it be that the Love we feel for our families is so strong a force that it can easily overpower all that attempts to weaken it?

Is the world truly a better place because we all have families?

Never considered your family in this light, have you? And when you do, does it not make all their idiosyncrasies, their moods, their demands, their expectations, a price that is so small to pay, that you cannot even consider it an ‘accountable cost’.

It is because you have an angry child to console with your Love, that the ‘hatred’ you read of in that newspaper article is instantly transmuted. It is because you have a father who is so difficult to please, that you constantly strive to make the world a better place for you and others. It is because your mother nags and demands, that you have learnt how to look after your needs, while also being concerned about others. It is because of your spouse who is unappreciative, that you have learnt of the strength you possess within.

Your child’s tight hug and sloppy kiss reminds you that there is always, always that one person who is unconditionally in your corner, rooting for you, even when you are not rooting for yourself. Your parents’ look of warm pride is such a deep acknowledgement of your fullest potential. Your significant other’s “I Love You” is the wave of consciousness that you ride upon to look into the eyes of your Inner Beauty.

Who else but a soul very deeply bonded with your own would agree to play the part of ‘villain’ so that you can experience your heroism? Who else but one whose energies intertwine with your own for all eternity, will lead you, guide you, support you, and sometimes even stand back in the wings so that you can have your moment in the sun? Who else, but family?

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Do not limit the boundaries of your family. The more persons you include in your family, the more loving attention you focus on them, the greater is the world’s balance in favour of LOVE. Let terrorism rear its ugly head… what do we have to fear when we have families?