What do we lose by another’s good fortune? Let us celebrate with them… that should be our desire and determination’Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Desire brings meaning and purpose to your life. It helps you to devote yourself to a cause, to service, to creation. Desires have often been considered as hurdles in your spiritual path, but, dear friend, the obstacles that we face do not arise because of our desires but because of our attachments. Attachments arise out of greed, fear, insecurity or vanity; desires arise due to the presence of thought. As long as you can think, you will desire. Fighting this causes needless guilt and inner agitation. If you can choose your thoughts without the known or unknown hold of the external over them, you will be able to choose your response to your desire. You will be able to appreciate the desire because you will understand its causative thought, and thus you will be able to healthily enjoy the desire, or let it go without either regret or the pain of denial.

Plato believed that knowing your desire was the first step towards its successful fulfillment. This knowingness helps you to recognize whether your feeling is a craving, an aversion, or a healthy human need that can be met naturally. When a desire is met naturally, i.e. in alignment with the laws of Nature, there is absence of conflict. Look around you, dear friend, and you will see that the spirit of cooperation pervades all of Nature. Every aspect of Nature has an inbuilt mechanism that helps it to meet its every desire, without in any way hindering the fulfillment of another’s.

Human beings, on the other hand, tend to see competition everywhere. I do not speak against competition or its ability to draw the best from you, but when it is coloured by malice, envy, and resentment, it takes on a face that is ugly and demeaning. The healthiest competition is the one you can have with self, where the point of reference is within you, another’s achievements only serving to help you recognize your own potential, their attractiveness a beacon for your uniqueness. This healthy competition helps you to find your own niche rather than attempting to impinge on another’s.

Often the envy and resentment lie unnoticed within you, and impel you to imitate what another is doing, making subtle attempts to bring the other down, or pose hurdles in their path. The more ‘spiritual’ you think yourself to be, the subtler these efforts are. Though these feelings may lie deep in your unconscious or subconscious, they are evident by what is happening around you, within you, and to you. Sudden deterioration in health, which can include putting on or losing of weight for no apparent reason, personal accidents, delays and frustrations in different aspects of your personal/professional life, loss/accident/breakdown of personal possessions, may be some of the striking evidences of the forces impelling your actions.

Unearthing these requires strength of character and a deep level of personal integrity that helps you to look beyond and through your delusions. Be more conscious, my dear friend…are the things you are doing, the words you are using, styled on those of another? Are you doing or attempting to do what another is already doing? Are your words and actions guided by the purity of your essence or by a green eyed monster you would rather not acknowledge? Are you constantly comparing yourself to another? Look at your life and you will get your answer.

Desire is the catalyst for the Law of Attraction. Without this inner fuel you would not be able to draw towards you the universal energies that you seek. Desire helps you move forward or backward. The movement forward takes you closer to a goal that you wish to attain; the movement backwards makes you repel it. It is the absence of attachment that can make this movement one that is soul propelled, leading to the realization of your divine essence. Desire gives substance to your dreams; attachments can fuel only fantasies.

Desires are not addictions. Addictions are the result of emotional needs that remain unfulfilled, and turn into cravings. Desires can be fulfilled, and positively enhance you; addictions can never be fulfilled because the persona knows the stranglehold that the craving has over it, and begins to hate and reject the emotional need that it paradoxically yearns for.

Acknowledging our desires helps us to recognize our needs, and respect them. Beautiful soul, value yourself for who you are. Soul fulfillment comes from the desire to share your self with others. Recognize this desire and allow your soul to unfold its dreams. May you BE all that you desire…for in your fulfillment lies the abundance of the Universe.