If you could reach just one goal in 2016 what would it be? 
How much of a difference in your life would it make if you reached it?

“Let him who would enjoy a good future waste none of his present.” -Roger Babson

You had no power in the past, you will have no power in the future…you have full power only in the NOW. Use your power well, so that the NOW is meaningful and significant.

Ponder over your definitions of different concepts… it’s only when you know what you know that you can perpetuate it consciously, or shift it out of your scheme of things. How often have we talked of concepts like success, failure, power, will, anger, and pleasure? And never have we clearly defined these for ourselves. We seek to accept these as the dictionary defines them or as X, Y and Z define them, but your definition will always have that unique, marvelous twist that is so completely YOU.

When you keep concepts undefined, how can the goals you set be clear and determined? And if your goals are hazy and unfocussed, how can you attain them? Often we have so many goals, all of which are fuzzy, and many of which are so short-sighted, that we are not in awareness of what we really need to focus upon.

Be in constant consciousness of the journey you are on. Let your journey be much like your physical journeys…clear… the stages and halts well-defined, the means and vehicles well-maintained and in perfect tune. Then your journey is a holiday without any tension and stress, and in this state of balanced enjoyment, you can so easily overcome the unpredictabilities that come your way.

Only if you know where you are going will you reach there. Often we play a little game with ourselves so that we do not have to take the trouble of ‘definition’. We say ‘I will just flow with the Universe and let the Masters guide me’. That is perfect, but if you are true in this intent why do you so often resist and balk at the Universal direction? And why do you moan at your inability to access your fullest potential of Divine Power?

So what is to be done? Align your Personal Will to the Divine Will by clearly defining the essence of each. When you have defined these clearly the Universe recognizes them as the directions of your WILL, and guides you towards them in perfect unison with your goals. Goals are the culmination of Joyous Spirit manifesting on all levels of reality. By defining them, you illumine Spirit with your unique and so wondrously distinct essence, and thus Divine Will comes into unison with that which you WILL.

Do not stop dreaming, and do not stop at dreaming!! There is so much out there that is straining to be IN HERE!!! All it waits for is for your embrace!!!

Embrace your SELF