‘The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.’ —William James

Jeff Keller says, ‘Attitude is a choice!’
 Both very significant sentences, wouldn’t you say? Yes, I can see you nod, but wait…do you really choose your attitude, or are you, for most part, being dictated by habit? Have you ever considered this question: What have I committed my life to?

Before you continue reading, do take a few moments to answer this. What have you committed yourself to? In fact, have you committed to anything?

The Universe views your commitment as an unspoken command, and directs your life stream accordingly. It brings you face to face with only those experiences that shall help to manifest your commitment.

So what happens when you have no Conscious Commitment? The answer is quite simple… The Universe, in its Eternal Wisdom, permits you to experience being adrift! Thus, it manifests all that you emanate, consciously, unconsciously and sub-consciously, without judging it as ‘positive’ and ‘negative’. Is this what you really desire?

Commitment is the only golden key with which you can unlock the abundance of the Universe. The Universe is yours to command. Yes, we all know that, but how many really ‘command’ the Universe? Command is not an intellectual process. It is the outpouring of such a tremendous blast of Soul Potential into the ethers that it is impossible for the Universe not to recognize it! And it is commitment that releases this strong force from within the very depths of your Spirit, in full consciousness of your Mind, Body and Soul.

If you have not made a Conscious Commitment yet, it is Now that you must do so. But, wait again… remember that your lower mind and incomplete wisdom will play games with you, using your deep desire to be ‘spiritual’ as its weapon. Do not allow knowledge, books, and the influence of any Master, living, dead, or ‘etheric’, to colour your commitment. Your commitment must contain only the radiance of YOU. And when the Soul helps you to see this radiance, and frame your Commitment, do not judge it as being too ‘material’, ‘insignificant’, ‘selfish’ or just not ‘spiritual enough.

A commitment as vital as this, cannot be made in haste or ignorance; it cannot be the result of the need for validation, belonging, love… These are thrown up at you, by the personality that fights unrelentlessly to preserve its dominance. Commitment must be experienced as whole and complete in the very pit of your Gut. If it is experienced in the brain alone, you have not committed at all. And yet, in spite of deeply wishing not to play mind-games with ourselves, we do fall into this trap very often. Do not worry. When the Universe recognizes your full spirit blast it will instantly begin the process of its manifestation and you will recognize all the signs of this before you can say, “I AM…” If these signs are significantly absent, you know that you did not reach the depth of your Soul.

And when the signs come, recognize every sign; not only the ‘convenient’ ones!

You ask… does this commitment change as I change? No, it does not! When it comes from your Soul Essence, you know, without a doubt, what your commitment is through this lifetime! As you grow and evolve, it grows and evolves with you, but it does not change. Even if your commitment is to a so-called ‘material’ purpose, it will remain the same, but as you grow and make more space within yourself for more aspects of Divine Truth, it will keep making you experiencing a far wider and more varied aspect of this ONE commitment.

So, Beloved and Glorious Master, Command the Universe Consciously…NOW!