Life’s choices are by no means random, and must be conquered alone. — Ellaeenah

The most misunderstood, and often harshly condemned, cause of death is suicide. Some sit on self-appointed thrones of judgment, terming it as an act of cowardice, others of more compassionate tenor view it with eyes of pity. The bereaved family and friends often find themselves engulfed in guilt, questioning whether they missed the vital signs, berating themselves for not having done enough.

The universe perceives this as a choice – a life choice as significant as birth. I have found in many soul chart readings a clear pattern of suicide and violent death that continues from lives lived in the past. This pattern makes this lifetime a very significant one: one that will certainly present the opportunity to break a pattern that hinders the evolutionary process of the soul.

Grieving family members often talk about how they fear that the soul of their loved one who was unable to break the pattern will enter into a state of eternal limbo. Dear friend, only the human realm holds on to the concept of punishment. The universe is infinitely compassionate, loving and empathetic, and there is NOTHING that is considered worthy of punishment, for all acts that do not serve the good of all arise from deep, inner pain or fear.

It is important to understand that though a soul can predetermine death by any method, it CANNOT predetermine death by suicide. The choice in the soul blueprint is not of suicide, but of breaking the continuing pattern. When the spirit beingness chooses its life experiences (all of which are clearly seen in the soul chart), it also chooses the strengths of its beingness that shall help it through these experiences.

The experiences chosen by the spirit beingness would necessarily have to be severe, prodding the persona towards this destined moment of choice. I have found that realization of this process, and its continuation from the past, has considerably helped those in despair to understand why their lives have moved along what seem to be trouble-ridden paths. This realization brings with it the inner determination to stand strong, so that they are forever freed from a burden that hinders soul evolution. They consciously choose to break the pattern of what they perceive in their pain to be ‘a release’. This moment of divine choice begins to gradually change the situations and their response to them, thus drawing in love, support and abundance.

Often such moments of choice have to be prevailed over alone. Many have revealed how friends were mysteriously away all at once, family members seemed busy, counselors and healers unavailable. Such crucial choices cannot be influenced by any save the supreme divine will of the individual. The strength that the will draws forth to break the pattern serves to liberate it from many suffocating cords.

We survive by chance… Live by Choice.