If you greatly desire something, have the guts to stake everything on obtaining it…. Brendan Francis

Before you read this Musings, dear friend, please make an exhaustive list of all your desires. Do not forget to include your smallest desire.

Now read through this list and ponder:

Which ones of these make you feel optimistic and certain of attainment? Which ones make you feel uncertain, anxious, giving you that sinking feeling? Which ones are you already working towards? 
Which ones seem so big that you do not even know where to start?

For our current purpose let us focus on the ones you have listed in the second and fourth questions. The reason why you have that sinking feeling, apprehension and anxiety, is because you do not believe that the fulfillment of these desires is possible. Most people are not completely convinced that that perfect partner, that perfect job, that perfect home, is out there waiting for them to reach out and make it their own.

The unconscious collective feeds this personal belief system by making us believe that we must be content with what we have, and that constant striving for the ‘unattainable’ will lead to certain despondency. That is why we urge our children to dream only about the easily attainable, wishing to protect them from the despair of failure, which we are certain they will face if they dream ‘too big’.

Due to this, we are often scared away from our real desires by giving in to half-measures and compromises. The conviction we hold of our imperfections and inabilities is stronger than the certainty of our inner power. And that’s the crux… to attract your deep desires you must wholeheartedly believe that it is possible, and that you have the potential to fulfill your dreams.

How will you know the difference between a ‘dream’ and a ‘fantasy’? When you close your eyes, and can visualize what you desire, you know that it’s a dream. If you can see its promise in your mind’s eye, if you can feel its reality with your physical sense, you know that it is a dream. When you have identified that it is really a dream, go on to then gauge for yourself how you resonate with that dream.

The lack of optimism can be physically measured by using kinesiology. Hold your arm out and ask a friend to push it down while you hold the thought of your desire in your mind. The resistance that you will be able to give to the arm being pushed downwards will be proportionate to how strongly you resonate with that desire. This is an invaluable technique that offers you a look at what you are really feeling within, as any misalignment between desire and optimism will instantly lead to a weakening of the muscles.

If you experience a weak muscle response, you urgently need to shift the belief that may be held either in the conscious, sub conscious or unconscious mind. To beckon your desires to you, there must be 100% resonance and conviction. Let me now help you with this shift by suggesting a simple breathing technique.

You need to practice seven cycles of the ‘Access to Sub-conscious Breaths’. One cycle is as follows: breathe in SLOWLY to a count of seven, hold the breath to a count of four, and breathe out SLOWLY to a count of seven. Hold breath again to a count of four before you start another cycle.

With each cycle command the mind to release its energy of pure potential. Hold this purity of inner strength between your palms. (You shall feel tangible gathering of energy between your palms.)

State slowly, loudly, and emphatically “I am in perfect alignment with the fulfillment of my desire to….” (State your desire clearly). Repeat this as many times as you wish.

As you state your desire, visualize it clearly in your mind’s eye. Remember what you can see as a promise, you can experience as reality.

You can do this daily if you wish, or as regularly as you require to hold that deep connection between you and your desire.

Do not allow this connection to be tarnished by the toxicity of doubt.

Dear friend, there is yet another root that lies deep within us that causes the failure of fulfillment; this is the reason behind the desire. Just as it is important for you to identify the power of your optimism, it is equally vital for you to recognize why you wish to fulfill this desire. Is the reason envy? Is it a prop for a shaky self-esteem? Is it to prove a point to someone or to self? Is it to get another’s approval and praise? Is it to conform to societal demands? It could be myriad different reasons, and again your muscles will give you the answer. Whatever reason/s you resonate with strongly will show up as the most resistance that you can offer.

Come one, my dear friend. Now beckoning your desires is as easy as breathing in and out. What are you waiting for? Go out, and conquer the world — it’s yours anyway!