Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives…. William James

History will look back on this time that we live in, and define us by our belief in the positive attitude. Skeptic or believer, almost everyone agrees that we attract to us what we think and believe. In spite of this common knowledge, not everyone is able to control the external situations, nor can they create what they desire. This leaves them puzzled, wondering why and how they are attracting experiences they do not really want.

The answer lies in our nature, which determines the kind of experiences we have. The conflict lies in the fact that we have two distinct natures: the personality and the soul. These are often distinct from each other and thus have a different way of functioning.

The soul functions as a generator of power, love and wisdom. It cuts through illusion to the essential truth and responds in an appropriate and positive manner. It provides the life force that the personality needs in order to BE.

The personality uses this soul-generated surge to reinforce its own nature. The nature of the personality is determined by the archetypes held within our psyches, which define whether the personality is a generator or a reactor. A generator personality will draw to itself situations that are enriching and empowering. The energy of a generator personality radiates outwards, creating ripples of strength. It encourages more powerful surges from the soul, as its energy field expands to embrace joy, success, health, prosperity, wisdom, et al.

Reactors attract situations that press their buttons, and trigger deep and strong reactions that often harm self and others. The archetypes held within a reactor are those of the victim, the martyr, the saviour, the rescuer, the tyrant, the slave…all those that refuse to acknowledge self-responsibility. The reactor is in constant search of someone or something to blame and suffers rejection, abandonment, humiliation and non-acceptance.

The energy of the reactor cannot radiate outwards as it is struggling to maintain a semblance of balance within its own inner constrictions. Reactors are often heard justifying their behaviour, so that they do not need to strive to overcome their limitations. They seek validation from the external, because the inner voice has been silenced by the harsh discordance of self-negation. Thus they are unable to reach out and draw expansive energies that create luminous realities, and can attract only those situations that are in alignment with their habitual reactions.

The personality and the soul work in tandem, the soul creating situations that focus your attention as a reactor on your need for justification and validation, or your courage to challenge yourself to greater heights, each time freeing yourself further to make choices as a generator.

Generators function from the essence of their soul, touching the lives of others in a profound manner. Reactors are scared to attract new people and circumstances, their inadequacy stemming from acute fear of failure and inability to take risks.

Generators empower others to be unique and distinct, to follow their own light and to dream their own dreams. They see divine order in the chaos and are in touch with the divine purpose of their existence. The diversity of life is a joy that they behold each day, and the unifying thread is interwoven in their soul matrix. Thus they attract goodness, forgiveness, compassion, and abundance.

The critical judgment of the reactor sets into motion realities that express who they are. Reactors manifest what they do not want; generators draw to themselves the positivity and passion of their divine will.

If you are a reactor, you want to know how to become a generator. The answer lies in faith. Have faith in the constancy of your soul nature. When your challenges urge you to release attachment and restricting thought, take the risk and trust that the essential truth of the soul nature will create meaningful situations that empower you. Have the faith to make different choices; choices that are power-love-wisdom in action.

Have the courage to be genuine, expressing your beauty, intelligence and purpose. Authenticity is the mark of a generator; fake superficiality the mask of the reactor. Do not undermine the contribution you can make towards the betterment of the world, for it might be your one drop of divinity that spills over the water of god-consciousness for a thirsting humanity.

Understand your natures, let go of the reactions, open up to soul generation and redefine your choices. That is all it takes to become a generator. Happy journey, beloved creator!