If you could change one thing in your life — right now — what would you change?

Do not continue to read till you have your answer…………………………

Well, now that you do, let me tell you that there is NOTHING that you can change…..except your thinking!

And now, another question…..

What do you see all around you? What do you consistently experience all around you?

Pause here and answer very honestly…in fact, you can make a list of all that you see/experience very, very regularly.

Now don’t be very upset with what I am going to tell you…..

You only see what you are looking for!!

Now go back to both your answers, and honestly assess yourself. It is oh, so easy to assess another, but equally difficult to turn that ever-judgmental eye inwards. And, yet, that is the only way to make the changes that will make your life more meaningful, more fulfilling.

Let us again read the two significant sentences….

There is nothing that you can change, except your thinking.

You only see what you are looking for.

There is something common in both…its YOU!

Does it disturb you when it’s revealed that you see corruption because you are looking for it; you see dishonesty because you are looking for it; you experience betrayal because you are looking for it; you face failure because you are looking for it? The Universe always, always, always gives you what you seek. But the unfortunate thing is that we don’t really know what we seek.

We think we are seeking abundance, but all we are constantly looking out for is a perpetuation of lack. How? Simple. Either by not being able to spend joyously, or just the reverse. Buying it because it’s out there and for a brief moment fills the emptiness within. And no, of course you don’t see it that way at all…because you are so busy hiding from what you are looking for!

We think we are seeking love and acceptance, but what we are watchfully looking out for is betrayal and rejection. How? Again simple. By complete negation and submission of self, or by standing at a distance with the help of distrust and suspicion.

I could go on….but only you know what you are looking for, and how, and why.

And the Universe gives you a little bit of help in this direction. It shows very, very clearly on the outside what you are really looking for. So you and I get the relationships we are looking for, the applause we are looking for, the kicks we are looking for, the victories we are seeking, the failures we are strongly inviting. And, no, dearest friend, of course this is not a ‘looking’ at the level of the lower conscious mind.

When you are aware of your recurrent thoughts, beliefs and attitudes, you understand that ‘this’ is what you are really looking for. If your recurrent thought is one of negation of self or another, then the Universe will again and again make you experience negation by not fulfilling any of your desires. If your recurrent belief is of self-honour and faith in self, then the Universe will again and again make you experience your power and your strength.

LISTEN TO YOUR THOUGHTS…don’t let them pass you by without your conscious awareness. The more closely you listen, the more you will hear. And often what you will hear will you open-mouthed and aghast. But, let that be momentary. Recover immediately and CHANGE YOUR THINKING. With the change in thinking, will naturally follow the change in what you are looking for.

Depression is the saddest reflection of our present world. Joylessness has been accepted as a way of life, and material goods have replaced the song of the heart. We have blindly bought into the belief that life is hard work and toil, and that ‘purposeless’ fun is the mark of superficiality and lack of growth. Earlier people used to happily sing at their work…today psychologists have to tell us that soft background music increases efficiency! Earlier people forgot how old they were…today we permit each passing year to define how old we are!

So, dearest friend, I ask you again….what is the one thing in your life you would change? What are you looking for?